Wednesday, June 11, 2008



DarlingDiva said...

amazing, I can literally feel the the room cooling around me. This photograph is that awesome. I love the colors and the droplettes of condensation mesmerize me.

Kiss My Art said...

When I saw this it reminded me of rain drops bejewelling the windows on a wet sunday and a poem from Simon R Gladdish came to mind. Fabulous photography portfolio. Congratulations!

Wales on Sunday

Six o'clock and it's pissing with rain again
It always rains in Wales and when it doesn't
It hails.
Nothing to drink, nothing to think
Except for a vague depression
Tugging at my entrails,
Bills coming in thicker and faster
Than junk mail and infinitely
More frightening.
The monotony is is momentarily stunned
By a flash of lightning
And a dramatic roll of thunder
Nobody cares a cowboy's cuss
About the stress I'm under
Is it any wonder
I feel depressed, obsessed, unblessed, compressed,
Tempted to get up, get dressed, head out west,
Play the uninvited guest and pay (if necessary)
To be amorously caressed
By a beautiful dumb blonde
(If only I can find one)

By Simon R Gladdish from his book Original Cliches